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Our Daily Bread

Salvation by Grace

Grace is, therefore, God's unmerited favor - His goodness toward those who have no claim on, nor reason to expect, divine favor.            The principal manifestation of God's grace has been in the form of a gift. We think the Apostle Paul meant that salvation is "the gift of God," or, as emphatically put in the Greek, "of God is it the gift." Salvation is not our achievement, but it is a gift from God. That truth is made stronger by contrast. It is 'not of ourselves' and "not of works." Salvation is indeed the most extraordinary expression of God's grace.

Salvation is of divine origin. But it is not anything that God was bound to arrange by the necessity of His nature. It is the result of His gracious will. Had it not been for His good pleasure, salvation would never have come. "By grace are ye saved." The Greek grammar denotes not the act of being saved, but the fact of having been saved. God's grace rather than human merit is the source of the whole arrangement. We are saved gratuitously. Salvation is a gift; it is not earned.

This Month's Theme

  In the Midst of the Valley is about being in the midst of so much stuff it's hard to see the sky. Ever feel like that? What we don't realize, sometimes, is that there are incredible treasures to be found in the valley! This blog was started because I believe that the greatest potential for spiritual growth is in the valley - not on the mountain top. These are lessons God has taught me as I go through the valley season of my life. May He use them to minister to you.

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