....A Place of Hope and Victory!.....
Early Morning Ministries International-Kenya

The Vision of this Ministry

Our vision is to build a community full of the truth "The Word of God"

The Mission

To Preach the Truth regardless of the circumstances

The Calling/Statement of Faith

We believe that the word of God is true and every man should depend on God's Word alone.
We further believe that truth is correspondence of life to God. Truth is not only a theoretical correspondence but also a covenant relationship between God & Men willing to pursue righteousness. The Biblical revelation is not just to be known, but to be lived    (Deut 29:29). The purpose of the Bible is to produce wisdom in us—a life wholly submitted to God’s reality. Truth, then, is correspondence between our entire lives and God’s heart, words and actions, through the mediation of the Word and Spirit. To eliminate the propositional nature of Biblical truth seriously weakens our ability to hold, defend, and explain the gospel. But to speak of truth only as propositions weakens our appreciation of the incarnate Son as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and the communicative power of narrative and story, and the importance of truth as living truly in correspondence to God.

The Beginning of  the Ministry

Senior Pastor and Visionary,John Kibe received God's call to launch the Early Morning Ministries, though the time of Jesus coming for His Church is at hand, the World is at a late hour, but through seeking God early enough, 'NOW', as the Bible states, is the time of Salvation.Let us seek Him early, while He may still be found, for the time is approaching fast, when men shall seek Him and find Him not!

The Current growth and expansion

Demand for the Word of God has taken an urgent & rapid trend for receiving a quick response by 'laborers' due to the recent advancements & availability of employable technology, the increase of  ignorance ironically with many perishing needlessly, Heavenly warnings to the world for repentance and the fast developing pace for a one world governance system through the process of globalization fulfilling the scripture in regard to the times of the Great tribulation.
Christian Missions and Conferences are being called for around the Nation of Kenya and Africa. The towns themselves need yet to be evangelized and crusades won't accomplish the great task ahead unless we employ radio coverages by remote regions, as the tools and resources are now available at hand.
Many of us Christians  need to urgently shake off the  sleep we are in, mediocrity has engulfed the church, many gospel broadcasting stations have evolved to entertainment channels competing with those in the secular world, and the latest warnings that have come from Jesus Christ to strengthen His Church haven't yet been emphasized enough to the quickly perishing world around us, with millions plunging to their 2nd death never to be recaptured throughout eternity as they await the Great White Throne Judgment in unrelenting suffering and torment. This is our plea to all partners and friends to unite and take back the lost as we bring them back to the Gracious Kingdom of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ!

Missions and Crusades

Schools and Institutions are receiving exhortation from the weekend ministry, revivals every lunch hour between 1-2pm and later in the evening from 7-9pm have brought many to the awareness of what God is doing.However, many around haven't been responding due to hardening of their hearts, with the number 1 sin being Envy and Jealousy, 2nd lies, 3rd, unbelief and doubt, 4th idolatry of the political and sports kind, 5th pride and abuse and the 6th sexual immorality which is peddled as consumable goods. The Church needs to regroup and fight these social ills much vehemently as faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God.
This will be effected by installing a local FM radio station that will reach all the inhabitants of the region right at their home within an area of 70-150 KM radius, and on their mobile handsets and cars.
Many affected, broken and discouraged folk have produced single mothers and in some cases orphans and widows.Without being complete families, poverty has taken opportunity to reign in the community resulting to prostitution as a means of making a living, whereas others that are bitter with their HIV status vow to spread the disease to the maximum without remorse!
Missions and crusades such as VBS(Vocational Bible Study for the kids) will be scheduled for this April.Kid's rallies, open airs, camps, excursions and team project tests also form part of their curricular courses in the Church

Transformations and Testimonies

Our Church evangelism team headed by Ndirangu and Njenga, dedicated young men filled with the fire and passion of letting our surrounding community come to the full understanding of why Jesus had to die on the cross,met a rebellious defiant drunkard and spoke to him concerning heaven and hell, in relation to the moment a soul departs from earth towards the next destiny. He paid no attention. That same night, the Lord showed this sinner a vision that he trembled and went in search of the preachers.
As he was explaining to them how in a night vision, he was terrified by a crazy dream, where the earth opened up, people were pushing him to the edge of a deep hole filled with fire as he resisted the forward push. As he sincerely spoke to them his ordeal, he was trebling uncontrollably in shock, pleading with them to go to the nearest Church and pray for salvation.

Children Ministry

Being the fastest growing ministry, the children have shown enthusiasm in learning more about Jesus and becoming involved in church activities such drama, singing and dancing.

The Children Pastor John Kermui, and assistant teachers; Ruth,Stephen,and Mary have taken intensive children learning centered approach in training and teaching the kids insights from the Bible.
You Will make it in Jesus Name!